There are so many ways to enjoy the great outdoors. Some like just a peaceful time at the beach or sitting in a park. Even a walk through your neighborhood can be motiving and bring peace. But there are many who would like a more extreme outdoor activity and for those I find that rock climbing can be great fun.

A great way to get started and to see if you really like something like this is by going to one of the new Rock Climbing gyms. Like the one here



If you join on of these not only will you find out how you feel about rock climbing but you will meet other people interested in this sport. I know several people who have met their significant other at a rock climbing gym. And this is a great type of exercise. These gyms are springing up everywhere.

After you have gone to the gym and learned about this sport at some point you may want to try something like this.  This is a rock that a lot of climbers love and it is in the San Diego area. You can get more information from this site



You have to really know what you are doing to tackle something like this and you also need a team of people that know what they are doing. You will need all the right equipment and you must keep it in good condition.  That is why I think that a climbing gym is a good place to start because you can learn what you need to know as well as meet a group of friends to do it with.  And by going to one of the gyms you know you are going to meet people with similar interest; at least you will meet people that like the outdoors and like to be fit.

Hey if nothing else you may have some new friends. So go for it.